new work

There are two sets of paintings here which are connected by my long-time interest and love of historical decorative patterns and a dramatic sense of light.


Message Sent, oil on wood, 32x40


This set of work, oil paintings of paper airplanes and cardboard boxes, play with the positive and negative space – the background is equal to the foreground or subject, and so the eye dances around the image.

These paintings have evolved from my earlier still-life work with every-day objects; an effort to elevate the mundane.

I have been toying with images of paper airplanes for years. Only now do I see them as a metaphor for the iconic airplane image of sending a message digitally.


c.4 (pear with doors), oil on museum board, salvaged Mexican nicho, antique bronze escutcheon, 14x14x3


The second set of work displays my interest in niches, antique botanical prints, and in re-purposing materials.  I searched for, and found, mostly Mexican antique or vintage wood Nichos, which traditionally contained religious images.  

The format of a niche provides an intimate space giving its subject an air of importance.  These salvaged Nichos, which no longer had any image,  became an elaborate frame for my new botanical images; fictionalized plants which found their origin in  antique Dutch botanical prints. 

I have reinvented them with my patterns and images.  I also added antique and salvaged escutcheons – because of the private feeling of a niche, keyhole covers seem visually and metaphorically appropriate.